Chef Samuel Hernandez

Award-winning Spanish chef 

Born in Tenerife and helping in the kitchen since being a young boy Chef Samuel Hernandez has cooking in his veins. He studied 15 years ago at the Candelaria Culinary school and was considered one of the best in Spain at the time. 

Chef Hernandez is inspired by traditional cuisine where he respects the raw flavours and ingredients, yet always expresses his avant-garde ideas and mixtures of flavours and textures.



SINCE 1969

El Uno is proud to announce the introduction of the Josper oven. Used and endorsed by some of the best kitchens the world over, our unique oven delivers unparalleled flavours & smokey tastes due to its uniquely high and intense cooking temperatures.

The very best Spanish fine dining in
the heart of Lytham. 

The Menu & Ethos

Traditional Spanish flavour paired with the

latest culinary techniques

At El Uno Spanish Gastro each dish is reliant on the very best ingredients. We respect the raw product and natural flavour, this combined with the latest culinary techniques, Chef Samuel Hernandez creates effortlessly mouthwatering dishes in the hope to convey traditional Spanish flavour with a modern twist.


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